8 October 2015

Dove - Colour Radiance: Leave-In Conditioner

Since the weather is becoming warmer here in Australia, most of us are probably hitting the beach or pool and spending long hours under the sun. Naturally, we know how to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays by covering up and wearing sunscreen. But did you know our hair can even get sun damaged? A hat can only cover up a small portion of your hair, which leaves the exposed strands a victim to colour fade. So those gorgeous locks you dyed recently would've ended up losing its vibrant shade at a faster rate.

Not only is your hair being affected by the sun, but it is also being damaged by the chlorine and chemicals in your swimming pool, salt water and air conditioning. That is when I recommend using a hair protectant product such as Dove's leave-in conditioner to prevent UV damage and reversing any damages.

Dove's Colour Radiance is a leave-in conditioner in the form of a spray. It has a lightweight formula that can be used on wet and dry hair for a boost of instant hydration, leaving your hair shiny and smooth.

The product contains Fibre Actives which has been proven to penetrate into the hair fibre, and also a UV filter that helps prevent colour fade.

First of all, may I point out how much I loved the scent of this spray? The smell reminded me of coconut and other tropical scents. I've never been too fond of the scents that Dove used for their products, but this spray was definitely a winner for me!

When it came down to the spray, who else cringes at those hair products that either over sprayed or they couldn't control the amount of product used and ended up shooting droplets of water all over themselves? Well I know that feeling too well - when I first used this product though, I strongly felt like Dove should've renamed their product to a hair mist rather than a hair spray!

Seriously, it sprays so finely over my hair that it doesn't cause any strands to clump together! It also felt as if my hair was free of hair products because of how lightweight the formula is. You won't have to worry about this product being greasy or sticky because there's none of that!

As for the instant hydrating boost this product is meant to give to my hair, it felt like I had to spray my hair a few times during the day to get it to look shinier and less frizzy. Don't get me wrong, this product does make my hair look a lot healthier and less dry but it's not as instant as it claimed to be.

Though I wouldn't mind repurchasing this product if I were to ever run out, I'm still a bit iffy about the UV protectant part since I'd never know if it is protecting my hair from UV damage or not. But I'd definitely choose this product because of its ease of application and non-greasy formula.

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